Universal Basic Income: Daniel Michael Hurt Discusses The Benefits

Daniel Michael Hurt

February 25, 2021

Universal Basic Income: Daniel Michael Hurt Discusses The Benefits

How UBI Can Change the Country, as Dan Hurt Explains

Many people are searching for a way to improve the economy. With so many low-income families around the country, there has to be a way to get everyone closer to an even playing ground. This is where the concept of universal basic income has come into play. Dan Hurt, a business consultant, discusses the benefits of UBI.

Daniel Michael Hurt has identified that UBI has become a more popular concept in recent years. It was a major aspect of Democratic primary candidate Andrew Yang’s platform. Additionally, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has donated a significant amount of money to Yank as a way of proving how UBI can work.

As Dan Hurt explains, universal basic income is a way to help the United States improve the way in which it expands its technologies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can become mainstream – but only when UBI is in effect.

The reason UBI is important to the country’s future is that it provides everyone with a basic income. When AI and ML begin to replace countless jobs, people need to continue to thrive. Daniel Michael Hurt recognizes that new technologies will result in a number of job losses. The government would guarantee a basic income to all citizens.

When, suddenly, there’s no need to worry about how introducing new technology would impact the economy, it would make it easier to adapt and evolve. New computers and machines could be introduced quickly, allowing them to provide benefits to countless communities.

Then, over time, people will learn about other ways that they can work – whether it’s within the new technologies or within a new industry entirely. Daniel Michael Hurt explains that many companies will save money with the new technologies, which, in turn, helps to cover the costs of providing a UBI to all Americans.

While many people claim that UBI is one step closer to socialism, Dan Hurt disagrees. It provides a social safety net for those who can explore new jobs. It also ensures that everyone has a minimum standard income. When there’s an income for all, it can dramatically reduce homelessness. Eventually, it can also take the pressure off of systems such as Welfare and Medicaid.

Daniel Michael Hurt does recognize that there are some cons, too. There’s the possibility that inflation will be triggered because of a demand increase on specific goods and services. It may also have a negative impact on those who want to participate in the labor force.

In the end, Dan Hurt believes that it’s important to research more about universal basic income to see if it can be the economic benefit the country has been searching for.

About Dan Hurt

Daniel Michael Hurt is a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He works as a cloud consultant and is continuously learning about new technologies. With a degree in Computer Science, Dan Hurt understands computers and believes that they are capable of a lot more than what people are using them for at the moment.