Daniel Michael Hurt: The Cloud Consultant

Daniel Michael Hurt

June 7, 2021

Daniel Michael Hurt: The Cloud Consultant

New Needs, New Roles

One of the questions Daniel Michael Hurt gets often when he tells people his vocation, is what exactly is a cloud consultant? The question is fair, as it is a position that has only recently gained traction and popularity. In essence, a cloud consultant is someone who specializes in working with cloud computing systems. The internet has given way to a vast myriad of remarkable innovations, among them, cloud computing ranks among the most impressive. Cloud computing systems essentially network computer’s processing power and data storage, unifying individual systems, making them overall more powerful. Cloud computing allows one computer to harness the power of millions of computers all across the world. So long as these systems are connected, every single computer has the power of every computer. The application for this is as endless as imagination itself.

Digital Infrastructure

Cloud computing is so powerful, you may wonder why you would need a consultant like Daniel Michael Hurt to manage it. While cloud computing may appear simple at first glance, it is a dizzying web of digital infrastructure and arrays that make it all possible. There are many logistic issues, logic gates, and data arrays that have to be properly arranged for efficient access and data exchange. Think of it like a city in the clouds. In a city, if you want to set up a residential area, you also must have a trash service, electricity, water, sewage, public transportation. Cloud computing is similar in that each network has needs in order for it to run smoothly.

Cloud computing is really an exchange of data and energy that can be likened to economic exchange. Each computer (business) provides a vital service that helps the network as a whole operate smoothly. While the network can still operate if one or more of these computers go down, it will not be able to work at peak efficiency because it loses whatever was contributed by the computers of that network. This is how a network of computers becomes greater than the sum of its parts, similar to how trillions of cells make up a single human being. Each function is essential to the well being of the overall organism (network).

Keeping it All Together

To keep consistent with our anatomic analogy, think of Daniel Michael Hurt as a physician for a computer network. A cloud consultant ensures that vital organs (nodes) are communicating and functioning properly within the system. Consultants keep an eye out for possible vulnerabilities like viruses, keeping the network healthy when it cannot do that for itself.

Cloud consulting is a big job, which is why consultants like Daniel Michael Hurt make on average $70 to $90k a year for their work. The demand for these jobs seem only likely to increase, something observed by the recent uptick in popularity and interest in blockchain technology.